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New Jersey Center for Mindful Awareness
Director: Ken A. Verni, Psy.D.

        Mindful Awareness at Work 
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"Leaders all over the planet are beginning to understand the benefits of purposefully learning to be more attentive and focused, non-reactive, and clear. Cultivating attention and awareness through mindfulness training provides a way for leaders to live all aspects of their lives with a greater sense of skill, connection, openness, and balance."

—Saki Santorelli, EdD, Executive Director,
Center for Mindfulness
, Umass Medical School

Mindful awareness is both an innate capacity for bringing direct attention to the moment by moment unfolding of events within us and around us and it is a disciplined, scientific practice of cultivating greater  intimacy with ourselves in such a way that facilitates our ability to respond skillfully to stressful, constantly changing situations as compared to getting caught in patterns of reactivity.  Learning to "turn towards" what is- without reservation, judgment or regret- enables us to make informed decisions and remain open to deep levels of intuitive wisdom and creativity that can otherwise be overshadowed by our notions of how things "should" be. Mindfulness practice is a direct, practical approach to learning how to stay closely attuned to the everchanging nature of the present moment.

"As irrigators lead water where they want, as archers make their arrows straight, as carpenters carve wood,
                              the wise shape their minds"       -the buddha

Learning to cultivate Mindful Awareness can optimize our capacity to :
  • Slow down or stop the cascade of our automatic and habitual reactions.
  • See ourselves and others more clearly.
  • Listen deeply and understand situations just as they are.
  • Be open to creativity beyond conditioning.
  • Respond effectively to complex and/or emotionally charged situations.
  • Act competently and ethically.
  • Achieve balance and resilience in our personal and professional lives.
Mindful Awareness at Work Programs:
  • Full or 1/2 day seminars offered at an organization's location. Conceptual and experiential introduction to mindfulness and its relevance and applications in todays fast paced corporate environment.
  • Mindful Awareness at Work Course. Comprehensive program offered on location in 2 hour classes for 7 consecutive weeks plus one full day. Most effective when open to all levels of an organization on a voluntary basis.
  • Individualized Consultation

For more information and to discuess possible modifications to the above programs to meet your organizations needs...
Ken A. Verni, Psy.D.
Phone- 732 828-4740           or        Email- kenaverni@gmail.com